Friday, March 7, 2008

My beautiful kidlets are growing UP!

Here is my handsome son Luke... He is 12 1/2 (can't forget that 1/2 you know). He just looked so nice headed out to school this morning, I thought I would take a quick snap shot. Had to tell him a joke to make him give me a "real" smile. Dad took him shopping yesterday for new clothes and shoes (size 10-mens) WOW... I am going to have to do a scrapbook page of his babe shoes and his 12 year old shoes....
Here is Tori my little 8 year old princess. She is such a happy, funny, princessy girl. Love her sweet smile so much. She wanted Miley in her picture too. She is our 8 month old Shi-poo. Miley has really made our house such a fun house... We constantly laugh at her little playful anticts. Everyone loves her her and she has been great fun. We lots of times sit as a family in the living room and read our books (Tori is starting Anne of Green Gables-such a good reader) Luke usually a Archie comic or Hardy Boys, me a historical romance (love to get into a good book) and Tony usually something like John Grisham or popular mechanics.... Meanwhile Miley hops from lap to lap giving each of us a 5 minute opportunity to snuggle or laugh at her antics....

Sorry for the ramble just sharing a happy day in the life of our little happy home. Love is the center and it makes things seem just a little brighter each day.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I have a spring flyer for the Angel Company... The link is if you would like to take a peek at it. I already ordered three stamp sets... couldn't wait.... :)

Also I updated my blog a little bit... On the right side there is categories so if you only come to my blog for crafts.... you can click there... or maybe you only want to see house progress... then you could just click on the house link.... Hope that is a good feature for ya'll...

Have a great Saturday! I am loving our spring sunshiney weather.

Cards, cards, cards, and more cards

So... I think I told ya'll a longish time ago that I signed up with The Angel Company as a hobbyist to get GREAT product at demonstrator rates... so I have made up a few cards with some of those gorgeous stamp sets.... Also my friend Stacey ( sells Stampin'Up. So between the Angel Company and Stampin Up, we are set with stamps, accessories, supplies, etc... of course I always have WAY more than I need... but I need to fill up that new craft room I am going to have :-)

This cute chick is TAC stamp with various supplies.
This stamp is also TAC... Paper is from Stampin Up... (love it) There is liquid glass over the cake part that looks and feels a little neater in the real world... also blinged up on the little chandeliers that hand down from the platter
Again Angel Company stamp and paper... love how this turned out.... Love the saying... Let us be grateful to people who make us happy! They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom!
Paper is again TAC stamp is Stampin up... What a cute chick.
Paper is Angel Company, the stamp is My favorite things...

This stamp is also Stampin up... In case you couldn't guess I love coffee... so anything sorta coffee related, stampwise, seems to make it to my collection :)

Hope you have enjoyed my bit of creativity... i used several of Beate's WSC from the past to make these up, since I haven't been crafting much lately....

Comments are always welcome... I actually LOVE them.... If you ever NEED Stamps or supplies feel free to contact me... i will send you a book and I know Stacey loves to share her love of stamping too....