Monday, December 24, 2007

The Walls are going up.

This wall is going up... the last of the four... the wall looks a little bent because of all the windows and doors in this wall.... you should have seen the guys scurring around trying to get the wall stabilized and propped back up.... but all ended well... the walls are now all up... now the guys are working on the stairs since they have been having to go around up the snowy hill.... Hope it will save some time....

Enjoy.... More Later....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Picture...

Took a quick photo of my kidlets today with our puppy.... Hope to get them out this next week... I am so far behind, I should just send out last years holiday cards instead... :)

Bad, Bad Blogger Girl....! Sorry!

So our house is taking shape..... the basement is framed in and it is starting to look like a house :) Thought I would share some pictures with ya'll.

This is a shot Tony took standing on our current house roof.... Side walls cement have just been poured... You can see the cement truck in the back ground... It was 57 degrees this day....

12-4-07 Crazy! The builders sure loved the warm weather :)
They have the floor joists on for the main floor with the walkout basement below.... There will be a 10 foot covered deck out this way too to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Osoyoos. Of course the dumpy old double wide that we live in now will be gone though :)

A few inside of the basement..... They have a wood stove in here to keep the guys warm during the day.... 57 degree weather is a thing of the past now..... Our old dog Fredrick is enjoying the fire too :) Baked the guys cinnamon rolls today, gave them to them right out of the oven..... still warm.... YUMMY!

Here they are loading up lumber on the huge forklift to finish the sub floor of the main floor... Sounds like they will do some fill work this next week and our main floor outer walls will be going in.... This bottom floor will have huge windows where it is boarded up now, to take advantage of our beautiful view that we have no ownership of but get to enjoy nature at it's best.

I will try not to take so long posting next time.... I have been on 24 hour call for OB the last few week, so too pooped to post.... Anxious for some time off around Christmas.....

Take care everyone....

Smiles and hugs,


Sunday, November 25, 2007

It Has Been A LONG While.... Sorry...

So, there has been so much happening lately that I haven't had time to even sit down and write about it. Our total basement has been poured, and they are framing the side walls this week! It is quite exciting watching this process and glad we have some time to make decisions, etc... Our builder is fantastic and he has great ideas and great use of space that would have been wasted otherwise.

Here are a couple pictures of the progress so far...

It is kinda cool to live right here, so we can watch the progress daily! We are all excited for a little room to stretch out next year, sometime...
More later....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

So I got this great new stamp.... totally LOVE it.... This is the only card I had time to whip out though since I work a 12 hour night shift tonight :) I totally love this girl.... Used stickles for the sparkles and blingifying. Hope you like it too....

Enjoy your day!
I am off to enjoy my night... Hope it is busy enough to keep us awake :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

While I was crafting this was going on out my window!

This is Jake.... Our builders son... workin (er playin) in the dirt with trucks... We have a big hole in our yard now. This week it sounds like they are making forms for the basement.... I am just a bit excited.... :)

Doing some creating...

Have had a couple of days off, and have been crafting instead of cleaning... But I have enjoyed and now am in the mood to clean... But thought I would share some things I worked up.... Trying to do some simpler cards to add to my stash, and might even start to sell a few to some friends of mine....

I love this stamp.... it is from The Angel Company. Paper is My Mind's Eye from Costco.... Like the colors.

I love this one... the design is from Beate's challenge... I like it.... Simple but I like it. Stamp and paper is from TAC.

This was another challenge from Beate... A few weeks ago. The snowman has sparkles on it, kind of hard to see in the photo though.

Used some TAC and CTMH products on this one.... I love these colors...

Anyhow.... there is a few of the ones I have been working on.... I had a few others but I couldn't turn them right side up when I posted, so will have to fiddle with that a bit.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New puppy

This is our new little puppy. She is a Shih-poo.... Her name is Miley! She is a little doll. That handsome dude holding her is my TWELVE year old! Today is his birthday... where has the time gone...

I'm so excited!

We are building a house! The plans are done, the funding is there, now we are anxious for the builder to come. Here is my first of many pictures I am sure during this process. This is of the spot where our house will be! The trucks and tractors should be here tomorrow for dirt digging!

Had some time to play...

Just a few cards I have been able to make... I recently signed up with The Angel Company, and used some of the papers for the cards! I love the bright colors. The girls on the bike is a stamp from TAC also... I think it looks like my daughter :) This is all for now.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Auntie's Birthday

My Aunt turned 80 this last week.... Here is a picture of the beautiful 80 year old and my daughter and myself. She has been a grandma, mom, and special aunt rolled into one... not sure what I would do without her.


I said I wouldn't be one of THOSE who didn't post to their blogs regularly, and already I am guilty. But I think I have good reasons... I quit one job and started another job closer to home. Only a 16 mile commute instead of the 40+ mile commute. So then today I got VERY busy creating.... Here are a few creations...

Friday, September 7, 2007

So Fun This Blogging Thing

I found a few blogs today... Thanks to Christina... and found this picture that I was waiting for someone to forward to me... Thanks Traci for sharing on your blog. Way back when 17 years ago at college (the first time around, when I still wanted to be a teacher) these girls, plus a few, were at B'ham also. We enjoyed some fun times together. We reunited this August (thus the picture) at convention. How Fun!

More Cards

Thought I would just add a few more cards I have done this last week. Inspiration hasn't quite hit yet for me, I am so needing to get creative with embellishments, etc.... but the more I am in my scrap haven the better the inspiration (I hope:)

First Posting

Ok... so this is my first post... thought I better at least try to add something, so my blog wasn't empty. I made this card for a friend of my sons, using watercolors, one of my favorite things to do.

Hope to add some more creations soon.