Friday, October 17, 2008

A little crafting time

So before I head to work today I thought I would enjoy just a little time crafting... Now off to take a nap before work tonight.
I so need to take a few minutes and actually read my manual on my camera... The pictures are fuzzy.... anyhow, I guess you get the idea..
Everyone enjoy your weekend.

Luke turned 13!!

Crazy cake.... but delicious chocolate with chocolate butter cream frosting... (Caryn's request) :)
Luke's big gift this year was ROCK BAND... Didn't think it would be something adults would enjoy, but oh my goodness... totally lovin it! Here is Aaron tappin out a rockin rythm.... and Caryn enjoying coffee... Caryn and I sat back thinkin, ah... what is so cool about this... We were laughin at the guys... but then it was out turn.... FUN for sure!
Here is Luke takin this song really seriously...
Tori totally diggin the guitar... my little rock girl.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why it has been so long since my last post...

Some flowers Tony bought me, just because... the best kind...
The fruit of my labors.... Raspberry jam....
My tough football junkie of a son, he cracked a rib with a muscle contusion at his first game but has continued to play, he just tapes up his chest tight... He is a 7th grader, but is the 8th grade quarterback ... A dear sweet lady turned 50 this week... Pam is a coworker of mine, such a sweetie... We had a mexican feast, yummy food and salsa (my favorite). I made this "decadent chocolate torte"
My daughter took this picture of Caryn my sweet friend who hosted the party for Pam. We also work together on the night shift....! Her hubby's bday is the same day as Pam's... which also happened to be my dad's bday- he would have been 82 this week... oh how time flys by.