Friday, September 5, 2008

Kid pictures... thought I would share a glimpse

Here is my handsome son....Looking pensive.... He met a girl at Milltown convention, and so we heard all about her and he was begging to go to Saginaw to see her again, but alas, we were moving... so here he is trying to beg me with his beautiful eyes :)

The many faces of Tori.... she is such a little card... Her face tells the story with no words.... You could make one of those flip book stories of her with no words as she is so expressive, no trouble trying to figure out the water is cold and how do I get from here.... to there...

I think Tori had enough of this cold creek we found on our way home from convention... We always like to camp a couple days when coming home from the coast and we enjoyed our time again this year...

I love these rear view shots.... (of course not so much of myself... but the kids)
I sure do love this beautiful family of mine...

1 little creative moment

I made this little card for Tori's new teacher.... you can't see the little clip I used but it is at the top of the "k" and I attached the ribbons there. This was made in my new room that isn't all put away and organized used supplies that were quick and easy to find.

I can hardly wait to have my things organized in my room so I can really start creating again, so many things to do.... but with football schedules and soccer games, who knows ?!

Home at Last

So we are IN!! (our new home that is :-) Lots of hurdles and the such, but does it really matter, nah.... we are finally here! We are loving being able to spread our wings out a bit... Here are just a few pictures of the upstairs rooms... pardon the boxes and such littering the way, it is a slow moving process, since we can sort in the old house and move just a few boxes at a time, much longer moving process, but I also don't need to move things we seldom or NEVER use, either. For some reason the quality of the pictures isn't that great either, but I thought I should just post SOMETHING! I had a gallbladder (the dr. thinks, I kinda wonder if more ulcerlike) issue in the middle of the moving process, so that knocked me off my feet for a few days. But I am better now, and the kidlets are back in school.... so little by little we are moving in.

This is a little bouqet that I made up the other day, to help blend my reds and browns...
My craft room... Notice that big beautiful chair.... I LOVE IT!!!!!

Our room... kinda picky about what is getting hung on the walls, so for now, we are enjoying our plain walls until inspiration hits :)