Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House Update

This is my red wall in the kitchen dining booth.... I LOVE it... I know my builders think I wasted a perfectly beautiful white wall, but oh, it is so warm in a few weeks I will be drinking coffee here :) BTW it is Cherry Chocolate... who could resist that catchy name.?

This is my craft room... It is painted Nevada Tan, and my dear hubby put together my expedite unit with desk while I was called to work for a few hours the other night.
Here is an overall view into the kitchen... Of course I cleaned the counters the next day... but haven't snapped any shots yet.
Wall in the living room with loft above....

So, I am suprised if anyone even looks at my blog anymore. I post so seldom. I promise that will change when I get moved in... then it will be all about crafting (paper and fabric) again. This house has consumed us this last year. Fun, YES, but we are ready to go on living normal lives again, if there is such a thing.. :)
We are headed to Miltown Convention today and we will be gone for a few days after as well... We will probably camp up at Larabee State Park in Bellingham... Seems to be our tradition.
The carpet is supposed to be laid this weekend while we are away... Our appliances were put in yesterday and I baked a Papa murphy's pizza in there last night and we ate at the table. Soon every meal will be in there and I am sure I will not be able to bake pizza everynight... back to healthy eating...
OK... just a little update. Hope this finds all well.