Monday, January 21, 2008

My Son the ever vigilant snowboarder.... we were sledding with a bunch of friends this weekend, and he hiked up hills to try out his jumping ability with the snowboard... I was proud of this shot I got of him mid jump he even landed the jump.... Can't believe I am learning this whole snowboarding talk...
Today he is with my cousin at a hill in Canada, Mt Baldy.... Last time he was there he had a significant wipe out, so I am on pins and needles waiting for him to come home today, hoping he comes home in one piece :) Here is Tori and Luke coming down the 1/2 mile long sledding hill..... Tori's distressed face is probably a result of her 130 pound brothers weight on top of her, eeeks....

Both the kids had a GREAT TIME! Thanks Cori for inviting US! They both played the whole time with no breaks, no complaints of cold even..... :-) Though Cori and John know how to sled, complete with fire and food along with a truck to take you to the top of the hill.... pretty great fun:)

House Progress ;)

So now we have a roof, plywood doors, and plastic windows (smile) ... It is really starting to look like a house now... Lots of decisions are coming up that need to be made.... eeks! Fun but kind of overwhelming at the same time.... Today I plan to go out and measure all the rooms and put each one on a piece of paper and try to get organized! I lots of times will ask the builders if I can do this or that, but then by the time they get there, they and I have forgotten, so maybe this will help keep us all organized and on the same page (literally)!
Target move in date is still April/May.... So I keep thinkin to myself... only a couple more months to clean this dinky little house, soon I will have four bathrooms to clean :-) !
Can hardly wait to have friends come stay with us and enjoy our house with us, the extra guest room will be ready for all! Hope we see more of ya'll.

Enjoy your beautiful Monday!



Friday, January 11, 2008


This end of the house is my favorite part... the little bump out is where I will have a kitchen booth setup thing with wrap around seating in the rectangle area. There are windows on three sides of this area so I can see the kids while waiting for the bus, see the lake while enjoying my morning coffee, and also a window that see over to my Aunt Dorothy's, not too far away.... This is the front that faces the road... the tall beam in the middle is where my cathedral ceiling in living room will be.... There are more windows, but haven't been cut out yet due to trying to keep the guys warm when the wind picks up... Will be nice to have the roof sheeting on, so we don't have to shovel snow out of the house for the guys every day.

This is my wide entry way... and the diagonal door enters my craft room!!
Straight ahead there will be a wood stove or my husband is trying to convince me to go pellet for less mess.... then on to our bedroom on the north wing of the house.....

This is the inside of the kitchen and booth area.... Look at that cool looking ceiling... Our builder is trying to figure out a way to make that a cool feature in there.... it was supposed to just be 9 foot flat ceiling.....
Well thanks for stopping by..... can hardly wait.... now it is actually looking like a house... More pictures to come.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Love having a cleaned up craft room :)

Ok... so I am totally in love with this paper set.... I know the cards are amateurish, but I still am lovin craftin today.... CTMH paper... The stamp says The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you... Love that :)
So not pleased with how this one came out... have a feeling I will be redoing the circle part when the creative juices are flowing another day... love the CTMH paper... have had it over a year and wouldn't touch it because I didn't want to waste it on a pad project... so I will have to revamp... It just doesn't work for me yet....
I love this little set... there are stickles around the circle.... and rhinestone gems on a couple flowers on the bottom.... This card makes me smile.
I love this target paper....but the card isn't perfect.... just couldn't get it finalized today.... any suggestions?

Have a great day... I guess I better do some motherly/wifely things today... like create the menu for the month.... laundry... cleaning.... etc....


Sunday, January 6, 2008

The creative juices are flowin' :-)

A friend of mine found out she was pregnant and I have been dying to use this stamp from TAC. The paper is CTMH, ribbon - Target. I like how it came out... There are rhinestones on the four corners to give it a little BLING!
Same paper... this was a just because the juices were flowing and had to use more of this gorgeous paper... the little corner piece has red rhinestones on it also :)
I love this saying... it is from The Angel Company also... Paper is target....
Just a little ribbon added to another one.... Didn't have anyone in mind when I made these... but there are so many in my life I feel this way about....
Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.... Today was my break from cleaning, laundry, etc.... Tomorrow, back at it....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm Back-- WSC29

My sweet dear hubby helped my clean up my laundry/scraproom, so I am now in major crafting mode again.... Only turned out one card today, but it was for Beate's WSC29. I am so glad she is back to blogging again, hope it will inspire my creativity again, also.

In case you can't read the font well it says... Friendships hug our hearts and heal our souls... Love that little saying.

Hope all who read this are well, and happy. Stacey.... Where is your Weekend Sketch Challenge picture!! :)