Monday, January 21, 2008

House Progress ;)

So now we have a roof, plywood doors, and plastic windows (smile) ... It is really starting to look like a house now... Lots of decisions are coming up that need to be made.... eeks! Fun but kind of overwhelming at the same time.... Today I plan to go out and measure all the rooms and put each one on a piece of paper and try to get organized! I lots of times will ask the builders if I can do this or that, but then by the time they get there, they and I have forgotten, so maybe this will help keep us all organized and on the same page (literally)!
Target move in date is still April/May.... So I keep thinkin to myself... only a couple more months to clean this dinky little house, soon I will have four bathrooms to clean :-) !
Can hardly wait to have friends come stay with us and enjoy our house with us, the extra guest room will be ready for all! Hope we see more of ya'll.

Enjoy your beautiful Monday!



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Wrena said...

Gorgeous looking home! Just dropping in again thought I'd better say hi. You'd remember us from Stevinsville.