Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm Back-- WSC29

My sweet dear hubby helped my clean up my laundry/scraproom, so I am now in major crafting mode again.... Only turned out one card today, but it was for Beate's WSC29. I am so glad she is back to blogging again, hope it will inspire my creativity again, also.

In case you can't read the font well it says... Friendships hug our hearts and heal our souls... Love that little saying.

Hope all who read this are well, and happy. Stacey.... Where is your Weekend Sketch Challenge picture!! :)


Stacey said...

Cute! Cute! I JUST looked at that paper today!!
You must not have checked out my blog today?? I posted my Sketch Challenge earlier today. I also posted the one for Mikayla (pink princess one). I like the one for Mikayla better. :) I'm going to have to work on another for the Sketch Challenge. I'm not so crazy about this one.......
WHY you might wonder am I up so late?? I JUST finished that book (Plain Truth)!! WOW! Jodi Picoult has outdone herself yet again!! I didn't cry but I COULDN'T put it down!!
Talk with you soon-

Andrea, said...

Great card, they are fantastic papers

beate said...

Great card, Katrina. I like the colors, the saying and how it shows of that beautiful paper.
Thanks for playing with the sketch.