Friday, October 17, 2008

A little crafting time

So before I head to work today I thought I would enjoy just a little time crafting... Now off to take a nap before work tonight.
I so need to take a few minutes and actually read my manual on my camera... The pictures are fuzzy.... anyhow, I guess you get the idea..
Everyone enjoy your weekend.

Luke turned 13!!

Crazy cake.... but delicious chocolate with chocolate butter cream frosting... (Caryn's request) :)
Luke's big gift this year was ROCK BAND... Didn't think it would be something adults would enjoy, but oh my goodness... totally lovin it! Here is Aaron tappin out a rockin rythm.... and Caryn enjoying coffee... Caryn and I sat back thinkin, ah... what is so cool about this... We were laughin at the guys... but then it was out turn.... FUN for sure!
Here is Luke takin this song really seriously...
Tori totally diggin the guitar... my little rock girl.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why it has been so long since my last post...

Some flowers Tony bought me, just because... the best kind...
The fruit of my labors.... Raspberry jam....
My tough football junkie of a son, he cracked a rib with a muscle contusion at his first game but has continued to play, he just tapes up his chest tight... He is a 7th grader, but is the 8th grade quarterback ... A dear sweet lady turned 50 this week... Pam is a coworker of mine, such a sweetie... We had a mexican feast, yummy food and salsa (my favorite). I made this "decadent chocolate torte"
My daughter took this picture of Caryn my sweet friend who hosted the party for Pam. We also work together on the night shift....! Her hubby's bday is the same day as Pam's... which also happened to be my dad's bday- he would have been 82 this week... oh how time flys by.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kid pictures... thought I would share a glimpse

Here is my handsome son....Looking pensive.... He met a girl at Milltown convention, and so we heard all about her and he was begging to go to Saginaw to see her again, but alas, we were moving... so here he is trying to beg me with his beautiful eyes :)

The many faces of Tori.... she is such a little card... Her face tells the story with no words.... You could make one of those flip book stories of her with no words as she is so expressive, no trouble trying to figure out the water is cold and how do I get from here.... to there...

I think Tori had enough of this cold creek we found on our way home from convention... We always like to camp a couple days when coming home from the coast and we enjoyed our time again this year...

I love these rear view shots.... (of course not so much of myself... but the kids)
I sure do love this beautiful family of mine...

1 little creative moment

I made this little card for Tori's new teacher.... you can't see the little clip I used but it is at the top of the "k" and I attached the ribbons there. This was made in my new room that isn't all put away and organized used supplies that were quick and easy to find.

I can hardly wait to have my things organized in my room so I can really start creating again, so many things to do.... but with football schedules and soccer games, who knows ?!

Home at Last

So we are IN!! (our new home that is :-) Lots of hurdles and the such, but does it really matter, nah.... we are finally here! We are loving being able to spread our wings out a bit... Here are just a few pictures of the upstairs rooms... pardon the boxes and such littering the way, it is a slow moving process, since we can sort in the old house and move just a few boxes at a time, much longer moving process, but I also don't need to move things we seldom or NEVER use, either. For some reason the quality of the pictures isn't that great either, but I thought I should just post SOMETHING! I had a gallbladder (the dr. thinks, I kinda wonder if more ulcerlike) issue in the middle of the moving process, so that knocked me off my feet for a few days. But I am better now, and the kidlets are back in school.... so little by little we are moving in.

This is a little bouqet that I made up the other day, to help blend my reds and browns...
My craft room... Notice that big beautiful chair.... I LOVE IT!!!!!

Our room... kinda picky about what is getting hung on the walls, so for now, we are enjoying our plain walls until inspiration hits :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House Update

This is my red wall in the kitchen dining booth.... I LOVE it... I know my builders think I wasted a perfectly beautiful white wall, but oh, it is so warm in a few weeks I will be drinking coffee here :) BTW it is Cherry Chocolate... who could resist that catchy name.?

This is my craft room... It is painted Nevada Tan, and my dear hubby put together my expedite unit with desk while I was called to work for a few hours the other night.
Here is an overall view into the kitchen... Of course I cleaned the counters the next day... but haven't snapped any shots yet.
Wall in the living room with loft above....

So, I am suprised if anyone even looks at my blog anymore. I post so seldom. I promise that will change when I get moved in... then it will be all about crafting (paper and fabric) again. This house has consumed us this last year. Fun, YES, but we are ready to go on living normal lives again, if there is such a thing.. :)
We are headed to Miltown Convention today and we will be gone for a few days after as well... We will probably camp up at Larabee State Park in Bellingham... Seems to be our tradition.
The carpet is supposed to be laid this weekend while we are away... Our appliances were put in yesterday and I baked a Papa murphy's pizza in there last night and we ate at the table. Soon every meal will be in there and I am sure I will not be able to bake pizza everynight... back to healthy eating...
OK... just a little update. Hope this finds all well.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sharing 7 Thoughts

Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I love coffee! But truly I wonder if it is coffee that I enjoy or the stuff you put in it. I have a red espresso maker and I make my own lattes each day, (each day is EVERY DAY) my favorite drink is a double sugar-free fat-free Vanilla Caramel Latte.
2. I am a registered nurse, and I love my job! Actually I love the work I do... I never thought I would like to be an ER nurse or OB nurse or Med/Surg nurse. HOWEVER, I wear all those hats and I LOVE IT! My dad was a doctor and my mom was a nurse and i avoided medicine at all costs until I hit 30... then I felt the need to be a nurse!
3. I met my husband Tony at Chelan Convention, church fellowship, 18 years ago this past June. We dated for 2 months then I broke up with him for 3 months then I soon realized how much I missed him and begged him to take me back, within 7 months we were married.
4. If my daughter Tori would have been a boy I would have named him Gharrett. So I think my hubby was very glad that it was a girl.
5. I am not very creative.. but I do happen to do a good job if I can lift an idea from someone else's brilliant ideas.
6. My middle name is Lucille. Have no idea why they named me that?
7. I always wished people would call me Kate or Lucy... Funny how my human nature is... if I was called Kate or Lucy I would probably want to be called some other nickname. heehee

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where does the time go...?

Well, the time doesn't go soon enough... :) We are still awaiting move in day, though we are much closer than we were in June. I took these pictures a few weeks ago, and still haven't uploaded them... i will try to get out there this weekend, as we have countertops done, cupboard, trim, doors, showers, etc... done on the upper floor. Pretty much on the main floor we are just waiting on carpet and the finishing touches... Today they are texturing the down stairs and hope to paint, tomorrow and Monday... so then on to the finish work downstairs. We were told move in date in 2 weeks, but since our original was May, I won't be getting to anxious for that day... I imagine the middle of August will find us snuggled in to the house amidst boxes, etc... but we do only have to move 10-50 feet or so.... sometimes the shortest moves are the hardest though, because we are not really all that prepared for the move yet... Started packing up some things, but hard to store much around this little house.... We are ANXIOUS to spread out. I am hoping to get my craft room painted next week and hopefully paint some colors on a couple walls in the great room.... They paint the one base color and the accents are up to me... which is fine I love to paint :)

This shot is from the little loft looking down on Tony and Tori in the kitchen.... Tori is in her jammies, so it must have been a late night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

House Update

We finally decided on an outside color..... i think it looks a little like a hot cocoa with whipped cream... :)

This is our back deck...

Starting to put tile in the kitchen.... Everything is painted upstairs......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

House Pictures... Getting closer to moving in :)

Siding is complete!!
Tony had lots of back breaking hours working on this wall...
The front entry posts still need to be completed., but oh so much closer

Trying to decide on paint colors here.... ughhh, who knew it was so hard.
Back deck upper and lower have recessed lighting and sheet rock.... LOVE this space.... Already envision where my little hanging swing will be!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little better house pictures

I took this shot from the roof of our house now.... Shows a nice view of the roof line and the view of the house from the lake side or West side... The guys "hard at work" discussing how the retaining will form this way and that, etc....
Just a different angle taken from the Northwest corner... on the left of this picture you see a little "BARN" my mom built that when I was just a wee one... 30+ years ago... I vividly remember her working after work on this project, she did from scratch. She is gone now and so this little building will stay... Tony is willing to shore it up reroof and paint it for me... It has been hard for the guys to move around it, but they are so kind about understanding the sentimental significance to me. Mom made a little loft in the top and several of my long time friends will remember slumber parties up there in our younger days.... we will de junk and de clutter it once our garage is built and then fix it up as a play house for the kiddos.

Please excuse the construction mess... Look like the redneck family during this building process. This is the house from the North side. Those two little windows are upstairs in our bedroom... and the bottom ones are lukes room and guest room. There is orchard on this side of the house and the least desireable view... i imagine someday there will be houses where this orchard is, so we are building with that in mind.... limited appeal on this side but the other 3 are our features.
Not much new on the front... Waiting for the window to come in so they can finish framing in the entrance and posts and so forth. The yard will have a gradual slope to the deck (which will be stone). No steps to the front door. A must for the elderly we entertain and someday we may have the priviledge again to have a meeting in our home, so want to make it easy access for all.
Hope you have enjoyed the latest tour.... I am so anxious... but loving the process of building also.... not the chair in the about picture... Where i sit and supervise....heehee, actually when I bring baked goodies out to the guys they let me sit here and chitter chatter with them about plans, changes etc.... Love this crew that have become special to us during the build.
Hope you will be a visitor here soon... :) I will make a latte and we can sit and catch up :)