Wednesday, April 23, 2008

House Pictures... Getting closer to moving in :)

Siding is complete!!
Tony had lots of back breaking hours working on this wall...
The front entry posts still need to be completed., but oh so much closer

Trying to decide on paint colors here.... ughhh, who knew it was so hard.
Back deck upper and lower have recessed lighting and sheet rock.... LOVE this space.... Already envision where my little hanging swing will be!


Stacey said...

My long lost friend Katrina!! :)
I was beginning to wonder if you were EVER going to post again!!! ;)
LOVE the house pics!! It sure is coming right along!! It's looking super good!!!
Hope to see ya soon......though with our schedules.....well, we'll just have to see huh?! :)
Love Ya!

The J's said...

Wow, it's looking really good!!
I bet you're getting really anxious to move in!

From TX to you said...

Absolutely beautiful! You'll be enjoying the comforts of home soon by the looks of things!