Wednesday, April 2, 2008

House update

Well, it has been awhile again, since my last post. It seems like I go through this little spurts of oh, i have to post.... quickly followed by ah, I can do it tomorrow... Well I guess it is finally tomorrow.

They now have 98% of the siding on the house. All ouside windows and doors are on. The 3 decks are built. Outside sheetrocking and lights are done for the roof of the covered decks.

Tony and kids are on spring break this week so they are working around the house. Tony finished up the fine tuning on the wiring and added speaker wire through different rooms and decks, etc... The last two days he has been working on retaining walls. We moved a bunch of dirt to put the house where it is, so now got to shore up that dirt's new home :) I have been off too, don't go back to work until Friday night (I start nights this week) so 7pm to 7am....

Here are a couple pictures to update those of you following the build.

These pictures are not the best ... sheetrock in the way and boards blocking the view... i will try to post better ones another day :)

1 comment:

Stacey said...

GREAT pics Kat!!! But WHERE'S the one of the FRONT?! ;)
It's getting MORE and MORE fun and exciting!!!! Before you know it you'll be moving in! :)
I'll plan on seeing you on Friday (at 7pm)! :)
Love you sweets!