Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bad, Bad Blogger Girl....! Sorry!

So our house is taking shape..... the basement is framed in and it is starting to look like a house :) Thought I would share some pictures with ya'll.

This is a shot Tony took standing on our current house roof.... Side walls cement have just been poured... You can see the cement truck in the back ground... It was 57 degrees this day....

12-4-07 Crazy! The builders sure loved the warm weather :)
They have the floor joists on for the main floor with the walkout basement below.... There will be a 10 foot covered deck out this way too to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Osoyoos. Of course the dumpy old double wide that we live in now will be gone though :)

A few inside of the basement..... They have a wood stove in here to keep the guys warm during the day.... 57 degree weather is a thing of the past now..... Our old dog Fredrick is enjoying the fire too :) Baked the guys cinnamon rolls today, gave them to them right out of the oven..... still warm.... YUMMY!

Here they are loading up lumber on the huge forklift to finish the sub floor of the main floor... Sounds like they will do some fill work this next week and our main floor outer walls will be going in.... This bottom floor will have huge windows where it is boarded up now, to take advantage of our beautiful view that we have no ownership of but get to enjoy nature at it's best.

I will try not to take so long posting next time.... I have been on 24 hour call for OB the last few week, so too pooped to post.... Anxious for some time off around Christmas.....

Take care everyone....

Smiles and hugs,


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Mike, Traci and boys said...

Wow! They are really cruzin' on it! Do you have the guest room ready for us yet? We'll have to make our reservations!:)