Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where does the time go...?

Well, the time doesn't go soon enough... :) We are still awaiting move in day, though we are much closer than we were in June. I took these pictures a few weeks ago, and still haven't uploaded them... i will try to get out there this weekend, as we have countertops done, cupboard, trim, doors, showers, etc... done on the upper floor. Pretty much on the main floor we are just waiting on carpet and the finishing touches... Today they are texturing the down stairs and hope to paint, tomorrow and Monday... so then on to the finish work downstairs. We were told move in date in 2 weeks, but since our original was May, I won't be getting to anxious for that day... I imagine the middle of August will find us snuggled in to the house amidst boxes, etc... but we do only have to move 10-50 feet or so.... sometimes the shortest moves are the hardest though, because we are not really all that prepared for the move yet... Started packing up some things, but hard to store much around this little house.... We are ANXIOUS to spread out. I am hoping to get my craft room painted next week and hopefully paint some colors on a couple walls in the great room.... They paint the one base color and the accents are up to me... which is fine I love to paint :)

This shot is from the little loft looking down on Tony and Tori in the kitchen.... Tori is in her jammies, so it must have been a late night.

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Wrena said...

looking inviting!