Friday, September 5, 2008

Home at Last

So we are IN!! (our new home that is :-) Lots of hurdles and the such, but does it really matter, nah.... we are finally here! We are loving being able to spread our wings out a bit... Here are just a few pictures of the upstairs rooms... pardon the boxes and such littering the way, it is a slow moving process, since we can sort in the old house and move just a few boxes at a time, much longer moving process, but I also don't need to move things we seldom or NEVER use, either. For some reason the quality of the pictures isn't that great either, but I thought I should just post SOMETHING! I had a gallbladder (the dr. thinks, I kinda wonder if more ulcerlike) issue in the middle of the moving process, so that knocked me off my feet for a few days. But I am better now, and the kidlets are back in school.... so little by little we are moving in.

This is a little bouqet that I made up the other day, to help blend my reds and browns...
My craft room... Notice that big beautiful chair.... I LOVE IT!!!!!

Our room... kinda picky about what is getting hung on the walls, so for now, we are enjoying our plain walls until inspiration hits :)

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Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

I heard dreamy things about your craft room! Can I come and play sometime?!?! Cute pics of the kids!