Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little better house pictures

I took this shot from the roof of our house now.... Shows a nice view of the roof line and the view of the house from the lake side or West side... The guys "hard at work" discussing how the retaining will form this way and that, etc....
Just a different angle taken from the Northwest corner... on the left of this picture you see a little "BARN" my mom built that when I was just a wee one... 30+ years ago... I vividly remember her working after work on this project, she did from scratch. She is gone now and so this little building will stay... Tony is willing to shore it up reroof and paint it for me... It has been hard for the guys to move around it, but they are so kind about understanding the sentimental significance to me. Mom made a little loft in the top and several of my long time friends will remember slumber parties up there in our younger days.... we will de junk and de clutter it once our garage is built and then fix it up as a play house for the kiddos.

Please excuse the construction mess... Look like the redneck family during this building process. This is the house from the North side. Those two little windows are upstairs in our bedroom... and the bottom ones are lukes room and guest room. There is orchard on this side of the house and the least desireable view... i imagine someday there will be houses where this orchard is, so we are building with that in mind.... limited appeal on this side but the other 3 are our features.
Not much new on the front... Waiting for the window to come in so they can finish framing in the entrance and posts and so forth. The yard will have a gradual slope to the deck (which will be stone). No steps to the front door. A must for the elderly we entertain and someday we may have the priviledge again to have a meeting in our home, so want to make it easy access for all.
Hope you have enjoyed the latest tour.... I am so anxious... but loving the process of building also.... not the chair in the about picture... Where i sit and supervise....heehee, actually when I bring baked goodies out to the guys they let me sit here and chitter chatter with them about plans, changes etc.... Love this crew that have become special to us during the build.
Hope you will be a visitor here soon... :) I will make a latte and we can sit and catch up :)

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From TX to you said...

Wow! It looks huge!! You need some "inside" posts soon! Love all the pictures of the Z clan-what fun to spend time with them! The picture of you on the ferry is hilarious! For a minute there, I thought I was seeing Titantic!:)